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Wolcott Summer Fest and Sesquicentennial

By Jessicanunemaker @JessNunemaker

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Wolcott Summer Fest and Sesquicentennial 2011

Wolcott Summer Fest and Sesquicentennial 2011

Indiana festivals and events? Wolcott, Indiana was certainly big on festivity as they rolled two big events into one! Wolcott celebrated not only their annual Summer Fest but also their Sesquicentennial!

Wolcott Summer Fest and Sesquicentennial

One hundred and fifty years is a long time so you can imagine that a festival like that? Doesn’t happen every day! Wolcott, Indiana kicked things off right with fair rides, games, food, and a tractor show.

But that wasn’t all. Scheduled events like “Longest Beard,” tug of war, Water Ball, and even a soccer tournament rounded out the two day event. Did I mention the live band and dancing in the street set for the evening? Fun stuff.

The Wolcott House, a fantastic residence (once upon a time) that simply exudes Indiana history, was open for tours! Guess what article will be appearing here soon?

It was a hot day in the sun but if you stuck to the shade? Perfection. I had a good time just walking around enjoying the crowd. Much of the entertainment was set on the lawn next to the historic Wolcott House.

Summer Fest Booths

Wolcott Summer Fest 2011: Tractors on Parade

Wolcott Summer Fest 2011: Tractors on Parade

Wolcott’s Summer Fest also took place around parts of a big paved track. Vendors had booths arranged with their wares on a portion of the track.

This sort of set-up was great for stroller pushers and those in wheelchairs, but it was rather a haul to get from the vendors to the food and drink booths. Especially on a day as hot as that was!

There were so many tractors from many different years. I took a whole lot of pics of them! I’ll be sure to get that posted soon as well. I think you may enjoy the variety!

Attended by Honest Abe

Summer Fest and the Sesquicentennial Celebration were a fun way to spend the long Independence Day weekend! Fair food, events, and a tour? How can you lose?

At one point, I noticed that an Abraham Lincoln lookalike was strolling the grounds. I sure wish I had caught up to him for his thoughts on the whole thing. Happy Birthday, Wolcott–here’s to many more!

For more images of Wolcott, Indiana and other pictures in Indiana, please see my Flickr photostream.

Wolcott, Indiana in White County

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