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{Wobbles Wednesday}

By Glasgow_mummy @glasgow_mummy
It's Wednesday, so that can only mean one thing.... Wobbles Wednesday with The Naked Mum.
I unfortunately didn't manage to weigh myself this morning when I woke up as I had been at my work on a night shift of sorts, so I'll update this post tomorrow with my weight.
Last week I had put on 4 lbs but I'm hopefully (*crosses fingers*) that I've lost at least 1 lb this week.
On Monday I started a Paleo diet of sorts. I'm following it as best as I can although I know I've already eaten a few things that I'm reckoning aren't allowed.
A drumroll is needed for this next bit....
Today is day #3 and I've managed three full days without wheat, dairy or caffeine. I have to say I'm rather chuffed with myself. I had even bought my colleagues brioche, muffins and yum yums for their breakfast this morning and I didn't touch a single one. Amazing huh!
I'm going to attempt to keep it up but will allow myself to have the occasional non-Paleo meal.
The main point of this is to try and improve my Crohn's Disease symptoms. I bloat very easily and it can look like I'm 6 months pregnant - it's uncomfortable. Hopefully this diet will help.
I've not attempted the Paleo Auto Immune Protocol and as such have been eating eggs, tomatoes and the occasional handful of nuts. Not sure I'd cope with no eggs or nuts!
Here's what my meals have looked like - not sure if everything is Paleo as I've had soup from a tin and microwave popcorn, but I'm trying my best!
Breakfast - smoked salmon and scrambled eggLunch - chicken salad / vegetable soupDinner - salmon with vegetables and corn on the cobSnacks - fruit, handful nuts & dried fruit, carrot sticks, king prawns, popcorn
{Wobbles Wednesday}
{Wobbles Wednesday}
{Wobbles Wednesday}

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