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With You, My Love, Every Week is a Valentines Week!

By Saurabh2461986 @saurabhslounge
With you, my love, every week is a Valentines week! 

Taking my breath away

As I see your silky hair sway

Can't wait to come to you to propose

I come closer to you with a red rose!

Dancing under the starlit sky

Our lips meet, with a sigh

Feeling cold, I put my hand in the pocket

Surprise you with your favorite chocolate!

The Downpour of the rain teases us

There is a minus, there is a plus

Making it sure that we are ready

Says with a blink, the cute teddy!

As the thundering becomes intense

Clouds began to form so dense 

Being with you is a sweet drug

Can't wait to give you a tight hug! 

Wishing this night doesn't go away

Is the only thing that I pray

Time is running out, reaching to the peak

With you, my love, every week is a Valentines week!


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