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Witchcrafting Science

By Livingnotes @livingnotesnyc
Witchcrafting Science Did you have a happy Halloween?
Ours had some last minute changes. The two of the smurfs decided to switch to witches as they saw me pull two old costumes out of the closet when trying to find pieces for upcoming winter. 
 Those witches , particularly one, makes my days like noone else. Here is what I mean.
As I was TRYING to take a picture of a very sweet Nadya , a very curious witch popped into the background. WHERE she's getting it from is beyond me. I am used to a girly girl who WILL NOT compromise herself in any situation and is so proper, that I can take lessons from her. 
But not this witch:
Witchcrafting Science
Witchcrafting Science And here is how it's done:  ONE
Witchcrafting Science 
Witchcrafting Science THREE: 
Witchcrafting Science And if you ever wondered whether witches wear anything other but striped tights, the answer is yes.Polka dots and polka dot bloomers. 
Gotta stay on top of fashion. 
Witchcrafting Science
Witchcrafting Science The Mad Scientist had an ever evolving costume. Considering that school was in the morning, we left the fun part of the hair for the evening, which was good, because by then all the pens and probes were lost ( boys, you know) , and hair and glasses were just the right addition to make him happy.
If you follow me on instagram you saw that this scientist also has great taste in food.
Witchcrafting Science I love this face - this is the most accurate capture of what I see every day. Full of concentration and radiating kindness. He still looks small here, and I love it even more because of it. 
Witchcrafting Science The one and only Smurf had 3 new teeth come in right on Halloween. We left her to her favorite apples for most of the day, and didn't bother her with hats ( which, by the way, she HATES wearing ). The trick-or-treating magic perked her up at night and THE Smurf was up and running for the candy.
We are all smurfingly well here today. 5-toothed.
Witchcrafting Science 
Witchcrafting Science  Witchcrafting Science
Witchcrafting Science
Witchcrafting Science 
On the style note, as much as we tried to take some decent pictures for Les Femme Moda, one witch or the other kept popping up in the frame. So, here is one, and will see, if I can learn to photoshop the witches out. (Photoshop is a foreign language to me at the moment)
Witchcrafting Science jeans - gstar. top - gap. jacket - bebe ( very old, but h&m got some awesome ones right now!) bag - steve madden via tjmaxx. boots - frye. scarf - nordstrom. lips - chanel
Witchcrafting Science

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