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WiT-2000 : An Amazing Wireless Recharging Kit

Posted on the 15 April 2012 by Sumit @worth2surf

WiT-2000 : An amazing wireless recharging kit
It's hard to believe but its true that now you can recharge your devices without plugging them into power supply. And the credit goes to WiTrcity Corporation for launching their WiT-2000 kit. They have come up with an unique idea of charging electronic equipments without the help of wires, which means electricty can now flow wireless. With this kit, you can directly power up your device without any batteries. It can be used and is supported with a variety of devices.
The kit includes :
Wireless energy source consisting of power amplifier and resonator pad
Two capture modules consisting of power converter and capture resonator
Led Light
Resonant repeaters
DC power supply
The kit also comes with an instruction manual to help the setup process.

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