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Tips for Choosing a Good Domain Name

Posted on the 15 May 2012 by Sumit @worth2surf

Tips for choosing a good domain name
There are certain things you should keep in mind when you are all set to buy a domain for your website. I have listed some of the important points that you should go through carefully before buying a domain as it will help you get a brief idea.
1) Choose a unique domain name
Play with multiple names and shortlist the ones that are unique yet creative. Avoid names that can easily get confused with a popular brand or an existing domain. Also avoid using mispelled names of popular sites for your domain. For example, do not choose godady as your domain name as there already exists godaddy, a popular brand that offers services such as domain registration and web hosting among others.
2) Go for dot-com available domains
Always go for dot com extensions if possible, unless and untill you are specifically looking for other extensions. People have a general tendency to type dot com after every domain name. So choose dot com to ensure that you never lose any of your possible visitors just for the sake of an extension.
3) Make it easy to read and type
Your domain name should be easy to grab, something that your visitor finds interesting and hard to forget.
4) Keep it short
Whatever name you choose always ensure that it is not too long. A short domain name looks decent and is easy to remember.
5) Choose a domain name related to your business
A domain name must reflect the business type. A gud domain name is the one that has relevance with the services offered by the website.
6) Avoid copyright infringement
Always be sure not to violate the copyright laws of other brands. So have a thorough copyright check of the domain name you have selected to buy.

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By rakshana
posted on 03 September at 05:33
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Well ! A perfect domain name is more essential for the website.

  1. It should be short and easy to remember .
  2. It should be related with the website content .
  3. It should be impressive.

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  1. Company existence
  2. Customer support and service

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