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Wishing You a Very

By Clairejustalittleless
Wishing you a veryA huge thank you for reading, following and commenting on my little blog as I sign off for a while to enjoy the festivities.
I must admit I was very tempted to compile some links for you but after reading this (good advice for anyone, not just teachers in my opinion) I decided that might not be the best way to approach the start of Christmas. You see there had to be at least one link...
Excitement is bubbling and I'm looking forward to some gatherings we have planned with family and friends. Some merriment will be good for all of us (and I will do my best to steer conversation away from work). Merriment will build good memories and I've learnt the importance of those this year. I shall be taking plenty of photos too especially of people. It'll make a change from chasing perfect images. People are far more fascinating and precious.
Right now I crave calm and peace for myself. Yesterday, I had one of those days where everything felt overwhelming and although today I'm feeling gung-ho about the lead up to Christmas I know I need to take time to renew.
So, I've signed up for some meditation, dropped my caffeine intake and decided a mini-digital-break is going to be my Christmas present to myself. 'Tis the season to go analog. Sometimes minimalists are the worst offenders for creating information overload.
So my lack of links is my Christmas gift to you too. There's a wealth of information out there but it can wait. We'll read those brilliant posts in 2016 and we'll be amazing. But I think we'll be even more brilliant if we just follow our hearts, our curiosity and our values this holiday. 'Go with the flow' as a wise friend of ours says when life gets a bit stressy.
This Christmas I'm going to read those books, go for those walks and be grateful for the great things in my life and the basic things that I too often take for granted.
Enjoy Christmas my friends, have fun and make time to renew and be.
Claire xo
Wishing you a very

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