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Wireless Router IP Address

Posted on the 13 May 2016 by Lenalenson

In terms of the networking system of the laptop or computer, you definitely cannot disregard the significance of the IP address. Yes, the IP address is just about the most important things that are needed for each computer for its identification in the network system. The Ip can be defined as a set of numbers broken down by dots. IPV6 and IPV4 are a couple of forms of IP addresses. Not so long ago, mainly IPV4 IP addresses were used in order for the laptop or computer to distinguish itself.

Wireless router producers generally use numerous default IPs

Wireless router manufacturers have their own default IP addresses as default IPs for their routers. In this way, there is a range of companies which are available to produce the wireless router to the buyers. Down below you can find a list of a number of the most common router producers.

Billion, Cisco, 2wire, 3com, Belkin, D-Link, Linksys, Netgear, SMC networks

The routers produced by these companies use the following IP addresses in the range from to As they use a couple of IPs as a default ones, it’s really a wise decision to educate yourself regarding these.

Wireless Router IP Address 1

So, when you purchase those completely new wireless routers, these IPs are available to you as default router IP addresses. Even so, these can be modified later if necessary. The default router IP address is needed to change the router options.

Ways to find the default IP of your home computer network

In most cases, it’s also possible to face the specific situation of not remembering the default IP of your wireless router. However, if you need to modify the wireless router options, you have to know the default wireless router IP first. Even so, it can also be possible to retrieve the router’s IP address in the simplest way.

For people with Windows installed on the PC, go through next steps to find the router IP.

  1. Initially you need to start up the Command prompt.
  1. The next task is to type the IPCONFIG command in the Command prompt.
  1. In the data shown in the Command prompt you’ll be able to discover the default router Ip address.
  1. So, you can access these configuration settings through the laptop or computer in the very effective manner.

Generally speaking, the default IP of the home computer network may use the or perhaps the Most of these IPs are used as default ones so there are chances one of those might be yours.

In addition to the home pc, it’s also possible to obtain the default Ip of your home network through various other accessories like the smart phone, iPod touch, tablet pc and even more. In the following paragraph we will see how to utilize these machines to uncover the wireless router default Ip address.

On the iPhone 6s and the iPad tablet, you should open the configurations application. In the configuration settings app find the Wi-Fi option and touch on it. Now, look at the Network name of the computer network where you need to discover the default Ip address. Once there you will note everything regarding the selected computer network. Even so, it can also include the details of the default IP address of the home networking system.

Actually, almost all of the android phones have not supplied the information concerning the default IP address of your home networking system. But, almost all of the 3rd party apps can be very helpful for obtaining the default IP address of your home networking system. So, you need to download and install the app to get the information concerning the default IP address of your home network in the most effective way.

In the exact same way, it’s also easy to get the default IP address of your home network system even by some other operating systems.

Knowing what are you looking for the default wireless router IP can be found using other accessories too. If you need to customize the router configuration settings knowing all of these information is very important. So, it is possible to go through aforementioned steps to find the default IP of the home network. However, you may get additional information by searching through on the internet.

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