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By Agnes

white brick

My friend Adri reminded me that I have a blog. 

Alas (or not alas?), as much as I enjoy it, guess I'll just never be the person who can sit still long enough/often enough to properly keep up with regular blogging for very long.

Busy months behind me, a couple of moves & renovations & friends visiting… all on top of the existing usual load. Things are just starting to quiet down a little now which probably isn't such a bad thing, even if only temporary.


Don't know if my life has changed, say the last six months or maybe a year, or if I am just experiencing the same life differently but I think something is transforming. Don't know that it's something I care to put a finger on per se, just the kind of thing I notice lately and find inspiration & clarity in.

white couch

Don't know about you, but the new year still feels kinda new & fresh to me… or maybe it's the crispness of the winter months that's keeping me stimulated.

Holidays can be relaxing and a nice break at the end of an energetic year, but eventually I just like to bounce back to normal and have my energy back. Hope everyone is enjoying 2014 so far.

Until next time,


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