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Late Fall Mood, Early Nights, Mushrooms and Scarves

By Agnes


It's been overcast / raining on and off here for days, but finally the kind of weather where you can leave the windows open some nights. A few more weeks/degrees in this direction could almost warrant turning on my fireplace… probably no such luck though.

Anyway, have recently entered some involuntary phase where I long for a hot meal every night but neither feel like eating out nor can be bothered to cook. Or grocery shop. Think it's got something to do with it being pitch dark at 6. Or it's Thanksgiving being around the corner… or this weather. Who knows. Either way, the only thing I am decently familiar with that somewhat approximates the illusion of a private chef is my decade old slow cooker.


Lucky to have had a few different kinds of mushrooms and some goat brie in my otherwise empty fridge this morning, so dinner's looking/smelling pretty good tonight. I'm in for a quiet night with a book while trying to master the interest to check up on Black Friday deals. Would love to score one of those iRobot vacuum cleaners that cleans the house while you're out (guess it's the cleaning lady equivalent of the slow cooker chef?) but I know they'll be pricey even on sale so probably won't bother. 

mushroom soup

scarf with necklace

smokey on book

neither cold nor warm

Well, happy Thanksgiving everyone, drive safely and enjoy the food coma.

Until next time,


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