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Winter Woes: 8 Tips for Dealing with Dry Hands and Dry Skin

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

Scientists say that some folk could be called " winter people " who can effectively cope with the cold weather.

And yet, you know you're certainly not one of these lucky guys. You always hear the Christmas songs celebrating this time of year.

However, this is simply the season when your skin becomes dry and cracks. But, there are ways to help you to better deal with your dry hands.

Are you ready to discover the best ways to deal with your dry skin during the winter? Check out the below tips.

1. Avoid Showers Drying Your Skin Out More

Every time you get a shower or a bath, you're actually removing any moisture on your skin. The natural oil on your skin helps keep your skin from getting dry.

You can avoid allowing your morning shower drying out your skin before you're even dressed. Just keep your shower under 5 minutes in length.

The average American showers for around 8 minutes. You don't have this luxury since this will leave your skin drier than ever.

You should also close the bathroom door to stop the condensation from spreading around your home. Don't have hot showers, simply stick to warm or cold water.

Wash yourself using shower gel that is suitable for sensitive and dry skin. But, be especially careful when applying the soap.

Gently dry your skin with a soft towel.

2. Apply Moisturizer After the Shower

As soon as you get out of the shower, your skin will start to dry. You don't want this dryness to cause damage to your sensitive skin.

The moisturizers ensure that the moisture is trapped in your skin to stop your skin from becoming dry and cracking.

That's why it's important that you ensure that you immediately apply the moisturizer following your shower.

Find the best moisturizer for dry skin and use it immediately when you're out of the shower. There are many types of moisturizers, including creams and lotions.

Even when you wash your face or hands, you need to apply the moisturizer quickly before your hands dry.

3. Use a Humidifier to Avoid Dry Skin

Many people are concerned about the humidity levels of their homes during the winter. Are you using a dehumidifier to avoid damp and mold?

This can also cause your home to become extremely dry. When the humidity levels in your home reach around 50-55% your skin may start to feel the negative effects.

You could also use a humidifier during the winter to avoid the humidity in your home getting out of control. By maintaining the level of humidity around 60%, you should be able to ensure your skin avoids becoming too dry.

4. Never Scratch Your Skin

The worse thing you can do if you have dry skin is to scratch. This will quickly turn your dry skin into open wounds.

If you start to feel the urge to scratch your skin during winter, you need to apply moisturizer. If this doesn't help you can apply a cold pack or frozen peas to the spot.

Even if you are forced to sit on your hands, never scratch your skin. This won't help you and will only ever make everything worse.

5. Regular Wear Gloves to Avoid Dry Hands

If you suffer from dry hands, you need to regularly wear gloves. This can help you avoid your skin drying out further when you're performing tasks.

When you go outside wearing gloves keeps your hands warm and protected from the wintry cold.

But, you should also wear gloves when you're washing the dishes. This could include wearing a thin cotton glove under rubber gloves.

If you're performing household cleaning chores, ensure that you wear gloves. The chemicals in cleaning products can irritate your skin further.

6. Pick Skin-Friendly Clothing

You may love winter fashions. But, the reality is that if you simply wear whatever you want during the colder season, your skin could get worse.

You need to be careful about picking your clothing in the morning. You want clothing that doesn't irritate your dry skin.

If you really want to wear itchy clothes, such as wool, then you need to always wear a layer underneath. Silk and cotton are usually the best fabric for your skin.

Remember, when you're washing your laundry, always use a laundry detergent that won't cause your clothes to irritate your skin. Check for hypoallergenic products before you purchase.

7. Avoid Sitting Next to Heating or Fire

You can frequently find yourself between a rock and a hard place during the winter. Of course, you want to stay warm and cozy.

This may involve gathering around the fire on a winter's day. Or, maybe you keep close to the radiator to stay toasty.

But, this will only cause your skin to dry more. You can stay warm by putting on the central heating and wearing warm clothes indoors. Put a blanket on if you're cold!

8. Fight Dry Lips With Lip Balm

For many people, it's not only dry hands you need to worry about. Chapped lips can also become a problem during the cold season.

You can fight this by using lip balm. But, avoid any flavored lip balms. Stick to simple lip balms that are suitable for sensitive skin.

Dry Skin During the Winter

If you're concerned about the outbreak of dry skin during the winter, you need to follow our tips to fight dryness.

From moisturizing your skin regularly after washing to wearing gloves to avoid dry hands, there are a bunch of ways you keep your skin healthy during the cold. Do you want to explore more health and skincare tips? Check out our website for much more!

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