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Winner Plus a Story

By Elunstroth @emgeorgia
winner plus a story  I am going to be a brat and state that I dislike what I look like here,  but I loved this moment too much that I get over it (haha)! 
You might remember both of our posts this summer about running into each other,  but here is the real story! 
Girl is walking around a market with friends, and keeps seeing this beautiful lady(sarah) who looks oddly familiar, but could not place it. 
Girls friends thought she was NUTS, they just do not get the blogger world! 
Figured out she was the gal behind fairy tales are true (obsessed),  thought her name was Sarah but wanted to be sure. So she used the majority of her megabytes allocated for the day (she's a tad OCD) and looked up the blog to confirm the name. 
She then was kinda creepy pacing around the market deciding if she should say something,  with her friends push and rush of the "oh wow thats Sarah!!" she went for it. 
And boy was it worth it, this girl is the sweetest, and her and her hubby are  just as adorable in person as they are in the pictures! 
Creepy stalker girl who was acting like she had just seen Reese Witherspoon... is me, the one and only. 
There is our little story! 
happy friday! 

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