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Saying Goodbye

By Elunstroth @emgeorgia
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This a goodbye post to Simply Southern the blog, I started this blog in 2010 with the encouragement from great friends and it has been amazing.....
Ok so I was going to write this whole post about how great blogging has been blah blah and trick y'all but the blog isn't actually over and I am horrible liar, even via the inter webs!
Yes, Simply Southern will be no more but a new and improved blog is being born! I have grown so much since I started this blog and I wanted the blog to reflect me more. This blog has had a few different looks since I first started it, there has been cowgirl boots, different illustrations, different fonts everything. I was doing it all on my own (except for the illustrations) I taught myself how to make images look decent make them click to pages, center things, all of it via nice blogs that teach these things to people like me.There are some women out there that can design their blog on their own and you just think "wow yeah they are a graphic designer or seriously should be!!"...I am not one of those women. With that it always bothered my that my blog looked like I did it, looked a little immature and not what I wanted it to be. So I always knew that one day I would finally hire someone to make it look perfect, do the things I would never be able to do or think of. As that time started rolling around I was also questioning the name of my blog, I was no longer feeling that "simply southern" fit my style or personality. Yes I am southern and I will always love Texas and defend it to the death but that southern pride does not really show in my style, and this blog is about style. So when I made the decision to redesign the blog is was not longer just a redesign but a rebranding entirely. 
The Locus of Style is the name of my new blog and I am so so excited about it. So oddly enough I am not studying fashion or interior design or some other cool major that fits my post grad goals - but I am majoring in psychology. I have always loved people and and am so fascinated with our minds and why we do things, feel things all of it (why I was seriously rooting for Silver Linings Playbook last night). The Locus of Style comes from a psychology term, the locus of control: the way in which we believe we have control over our lives. Did X happen because of our actions or because of the situation? I believe that peoples amount of control needed says a lot about someone and can be used as a great predictor of opinions and emotions. I love control, not in the sense where I love power, but I hate not having control over what is going to happen, which explains my love/need for planning. From that came the The Locus of Style, how we dress/ express our style is such a mixture of self and situation. Yes I want to be wearing a sundress and bright colors because I am in a happy mood, but it's freezing outside so I have to throw on tights/boots and lots of layers. That end outfit is a result of what I am in the mood for and what is socially/environmentally friendly.
She (duh my blog is a girl) has been in the works for months now thanks the amazing/unreal Hanna Seabrook! Seriously if you ever considering doing work on your blog she is so great to work with!! Everything she sent me I was just in awe of, and felt like she was in my head and had really got to know me enough to design something that was perfect. I really hope y'all like it, it's the same Emily just a little more improved!
This new blog should be live in the next day so check back soon!

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