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By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
Winner! Let me introduce you to my own personal Random.Org : Joe and a big pot.
I let him pull the three winners for the O'verlays and pillow giveaway.  I really wish I video taped it because he got so excited each time he picked one.  He would pull it, read it and say "Yay! Thats awesome!  Good Job!"
Winner! So the winners are: Winner! Lily, Smokey's Daughter and OliviaKyle
Contact me with your ship to and I will get your goods to you shortly! A big thanks to my business partner Cheryle for donating her pillows and a big thank you all for playing and reading my blog! I look forward to may more blog years with you!
Xo Danika 
Have a great weekend, and if you know anyone that is looking for an internship (just North of Boston) please have them email me! 

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