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Wings: Bobby-induced Sweat & Tears

By Foodobyte @foodobyte

WINGS! After hearing about Shrimpo’s stories about the infamous Bobby Wing, the spiciest wing that they offer… I just had to try it. I was curious about whether it would be so hot that I would run across the street to 7/11 and eat an ice cream cone before paying :)


Before scorching off the rest of my tastebuds, hippoCHAN and I shared a BYOP (build-your-own-pasta). For $11.18, we matched fettuccine with a tomato basil sauce and chicken topping.

I’m not quite sure what we were thinking when we decided to order a pasta… It fell flat, sadly. The sauce was lacking in flavor and freshness. Chicken was dry and the noodles were slightly underdone.

Moroccan Lamb Sliders

Rebecca ordered these Moroccan Lamb Sliders ($9.68) served on whole wheat buns, topped with crisp red onions and tzatziki. I didn’t get to try these, but she said they were pretty good :)

Honey Garlic

Since we’re at Wings, we obviously ordered wings. Initially, we wanted to try the Canadian Maple Bourbon, but they were sold out. So we settled for the Honey Garlic and Bula Fiji. Two pounds costed $16.18 and comes with two dipping sauces (blue cheese, buffalo, house fire, jakarta heat, ranch and wowy).

Sweet & savoury: the Honey Garlic wings were good, as usual. We picked it ‘cos we thought it would be like the Canadian Maple since it’s sweet!

Bula Fiji

The Bula Fiji, on the other hand, was a complete disappointment. It was supposed to be a “spicy garlic taste that will embrace you in the flavours of Fiji.” Well, if that’s so… I’m never going to Fiji. It was just bland.

Bobby Wing

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Bobby Wing! For $1 a pop, you can set your mouth and lips (and anything else you touch) on FIRE! It was so spicy that my nostrils cringed as the acidic fumes spiralled up. I don’t think that written words can adequately describe the experience, so here’s a video of me, Jeffe (left) and Kevin (right) eating it.

By the way, Jeffe cried. LOL!

Final Bytes
1. The wings came really slow…
2. Wings are 1/2 off on Sundays!
3. If you eat the Bobby, wash your hands before going to the bathroom!

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