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Wine & Design: 15 Creative Wine Bottle Labels

Posted on the 06 November 2011 by Kpcreative @kpcreativeltd
Wine & Design: 15 creative wine bottle labels


If you’re like me, you don’t mind having a glass of wine (or two) while working on a creative project. While most companies frown upon working under the influence (WUI) and especially drinking while working (DWW), I’ve found that it can sometimes help my creative juices flow. Just remember to find the right balance. Here are 15 eye-catching wine labels that prove that wine and work do, on occasion, mix! If you find that you can’t sip on a glass of wine while working, at least these labels will inspire your creativity.


Sohne Vineyards

1. Sohne Vineyards: I love the customized letters. Not only are they elegant and eye-catching, but the swirls remind me of grapevines. But do I need a reminder to drink wine...?

St. Francis Red Splash

2. St. Francis Red Splash: Not only is the label creative, but the winery as well: Red Splash wines feature 12 different labels. Clever marketing if you collect wine labels (which I do): you'll have to buy at least a case to see the full collection. Well, all right... Twist my arm...

Wine & Design: 15 creative wine bottle labels

3. Rivarey Tempranillo: Two colors, simple typography, and a simple but bold tangled squiggle that mimics the pouring of wine makes this label stand out. Pour me another glass? Yes, please!

Wine & Design: 15 creative wine bottle labels

4. Lunar Vine: These wine bottles are, simply put, beautiful. Each one matches the overall style yet stands out on its own. And, once you're done with the wine, you can use the bottle as a flower vase or olive oil bottle!

Wine & Design: 15 creative wine bottle labels

5. Avere wines: These creative labels are not only nice to look at but functional too: On each bottle, recommended pairings are scrawled in beautiful handwritten type. Unique and elegant. I would definitely buy a bottle of this if I happened across it in the store!

Wine & Design: 15 creative wine bottle labels

6. Boarding Pass Wine (R Wines) If you're like me, you need a li'l somethin-somethin to ease the anxiety of flying. This appeals to all of us too-logical people who think a several-ton object staying in the sky is simply unfathomable. (And, the wine got 91 points!)


7. Bitch Barossa Grenache (R Wines) holds a special place in my heart. (I'll let you contemplate why.) I love the purposeful clash of the fancy cursive type and soothing pink background with the harsh wine name. The back of the label brings a smile to my face. What could go together better than wine and cheese? Wine and bitching.

Wine & Design: 15 creative wine bottle labels

8. B Frank wine: OK, now this is just fun. Who wants boring old wine from a boring old bottle? This wine features a simple, high-contrast label, AND it makes you think! Imagine how much more frank you'll get as you drink more Frank...

Wine & Design: 15 creative wine bottle labels

9. Bootleg (Click Wine Group): Remember KISS? Keep it simple, stupid. Not only do these adhere to the KISS philosophy, but they are clever as well! The use of the zipper and tiny tag conjures up images of boots, which makes it easier to remember this particular brand of wine.

10. Handprint Merlot (Meeker Winery): Although this isn't technically a label, it still qualifies as creative and memorable. If you find this wine in your local grocery store or wine shop, check out all the bottles in stock. Notice anything?

Primal Roots Red Blend

11. Primal Roots Red Blend - This simple (minimal colors, elegant typography) yet complex (intricate swirls, subtle silver embossing) wine label grabbed my eye immediately. The attention to detail goes beyond the label: Buy a bottle and make sure you check out the foil and cork before you have a glass... or two!

12. Moselland Riesling

12. Moselland Riesling: Who needs a label when the bottle itself is so imaginative and memorable? Once you see this clever design, you'll never forget it. How's that for marketing?

13. Killinbinbin

13. Killinbinbin Wines - These "killer" wines each have a unique label to match the "killer" name. I love the vintage look, and the imagery plays on the wine's name in a style you won't soon forget.

Rabid Red

14. Rabid Red - They say if you want to sell something, put a puppy or a baby on it. Even though this dog is rabid, he definitely draws you in! Not only does the alliterative name make you want to try a bottle, but this label is so crazy you just can't resist. Great use of contrasting colors and an unusual but well selected font.

Flirtini Cranberry Wine (Creative Wine Company)

15. Flirtini Cranberry Wine (Creative Wine Company): This is just pretty. I love the shape of the bottle - very elegant. Going along that theme, the use of vines and a simple all-caps font has a vintage appeal. I'm not sure how cranberry wine would taste, but the packaging is enough to make me want to try it.


That’s it, folks! If you’ve come by an interesting bottle label lately, I’d love to see it. Please share your favorites. Until then, cheers!

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i love the avere wines bottle. its perfect. does anyone know which handwritten font is it?