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Sky Blue

Posted on the 29 March 2012 by Kpcreative @kpcreativeltd


Is the sky really that blue? Are the blossoms on that tree really that pink? The short answer is no.

This is one of the most fun parts of iPhone photography! There are dozens of free (and even more paid) apps out there that can help you enhance, alter, brighten, darken, vintage-ify or apply any number of effects to photos that might not have been so eye-catching to begin with. With a few tweaks, you can take a mundane photo and turn it into something visually striking. Just play around in a couple of apps; just remember, the key is not to overdo it.

For this image, I first used iQuikColor to brighten the blue of the sky and tint the white flowers pink. Then in PS Express, I enhanced the effect using the Vibrant filter effect and played around with the contrast and exposure to make it even more striking. Then I imported the photo into Instagram, cropped it down to a square, and applied the X-pro II filter/border.

Want to see the original photo? What do you think of the edits?

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