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{'Window' Shopping at M&S}

By Glasgow_mummy @glasgow_mummy
I have a Marks & Spencer Credit Card, and with this credit card I get points for my purchases. These points are then transformed into M&S vouchers that I can spend in-store :-) The other day I received my quarterly reward letter and in which I have £25 of vouchers... (it was meant to be more, but thankfully I've now resolved the error... bit annoying as I'll have to wait until next quarter to get the extra vouchers!).
Anyway, I quickly took to the M&S website to see what I could buy!
I could be sensible and use the vouchers for something that we need, like some new summer clothes for the kids now that the weather seems to be improving. Or I could spend the vouchers on some yummy food - I love M&S meals and consider them a real treat.
However, I have decided that it is me that deserves the treat.
Here's what I've come up with...
{'Window' Shopping at M&S}Zipped Cross-Body Bag, £29.50 - the Fossil bag that I have has been my faithful handbag for over a year and a half now. I've been using it daily and it's starting to look tired. It's also of considerable size but I now don't need to carry nappies and wipes with me everywhere, so I was thinking a smaller cross-body bag might be a good investment of my vouchers!
{'Window' Shopping at M&S}Gladiator Sandals, £35 - I could be done with a pair of smart sandals that can be worn to work. I've been living in ankle boots and need something now that is more suited to the warmer weather.
{'Window' Shopping at M&S}Gladiator Sandals, £29.50
{'Window' Shopping at M&S}Zipped Pockets Shift Dress, £18 in the sale - maybe a bit bright for work? Thought this would potentially be a good option for my new capsule wardrobe
{'Window' Shopping at M&S}Letter S mug, £6 - I love a good mug for tea!
{'Window' Shopping at M&S}Medium pillar candleholder, £25 - I love candles and fairy lights, so this was an obvious choice.
{'Window' Shopping at M&S}Rio Striped Fleece Rug, £19.50 - in preparation for my picnic
{'Window' Shopping at M&S}Garden Flamingo Stake Tealight Holder, £12 - again, see above re: candles!
{'Window' Shopping at M&S}Stick Drop Earrings, £7.50 - I picked out a few pairs of earrings because they're so pretty. I tend not to buy much in the way of jewelry as I don't wear it everyday for fear of it being nabbed (my daughter ends up claiming it for her own jewelry box!) but a few new pieces would be lovely for the right occasion
{'Window' Shopping at M&S}Trail Drop Earrings, £17.50

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