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Will You Still Love Me?

By Loveandgrace @loveandgrace20


One evening while sitting in a youth conference….feeling sorry for myself,

God impressed this question in the depths of my soul…

Will you still love Me?

In my longing for marriage and companionship, I found myself neglecting the One who loves me the most. Was I really giving God the best of me? Was my mind too preoccupied with my own desires that I was not attentive to what God desired? 

Will I still love God without a spouse?

Will I still love God when I am alone?

Will I still love God when I don’t understand His plan?

These are questions and issues to ponder before we become too engrossed in our longings. I had to trust God to guide me when my eyes could not see. As I allowed my heart to trust, the spirit of sadness was broken.

I vowed to still, forever, and always love my God and give Him my best.


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