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Candra’s Return to Love in Waiting

By Loveandgrace @loveandgrace20
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Love in Waiting Blog for Singles

Candra’s Return to Love in Waiting

The Love in Waiting blog was born in 2009. I was recovering from depression, discontentment, and waiting for love.

My blog for singles was birthed out of my own need to be heard.

Being single made me feel that I didn’t have a voice in this world. As if I would only be awarded credibility if in a relationship.

In the beginning I wrote to no one in particular, but soon discovered a beautiful blog community of Christian singles.

Thoughts of bringing an end to blogging, in this niche, have come and gone since 2011. I was concerned that as a married woman, I would do the Christian single’s community a disservice.

Granted I was single for much longer than most of you will be. And certainly I will never forget the journey. However, there is something wonderful about reading the words of a woman who is where you are right now.

This was a factor is publishing more guest posts in 2016. Its greater purpose is to connect Christian single women with like-minded individuals, while promoting your blogs and ministries.

Every time I attempted to write a final farewell to Abundantly You, I couldn’t follow through. How could I delete forever the words that I wrote here?

My reservation was not because my words are so wonderful, but because my life is a testimony of God’s faithfulness.

In waiting, my strength was renewed like the eagles. (Isaiah 40:31) 

My principle for blogging has been that if I can help one person to smile and trust God, I will keep writing. And that is something that I cannot walk away from.

It is my joy to share with you that I am going back to my blogging roots. 

For as long as I have breathe, I will tell of His goodness unto me.

All Abundantly You blog posts (including guest posts) have been moved to the Love in Waiting site.

There are a few reasons for making this change, but I won’t belabor them all.

First, this gives me a cost effective opportunity to keep my blog posts online. By using I can publish blog posts and share your guest articles for free. This relieves me of the financial burden of maintaining a hosted site from year to year.

This was necessary because I have started my own business and I will be writing a Bible study blog. This site has not launched yet, but when it does, it will be linked to

Since I am not doing this for fame or money, I have to be wise with where I invest financially. If I can continue in the single’s ministry and offer quality content freely, then that is a blessing.

So starting within the week I encourage you to visit to subscribe.

All future Christian Singles posts will be published to this site. Soon the URL for Abundantly You will take you to the Love in Waiting site.

I have been working on the Love in Waiting design. It looks much better than it did seven years ago. 😉 My new location at Love in Waiting is easy to read, pretty, and not overly cluttered with advertisements and product promotions.

Certainly I pray that no one is disappointed in this change. And I hope that you do not mind my transparency.

It is guaranteed that all that is available here at Abundantly You, will be available to you on the Love in Waiting site.

Except….there will be an even greater focus on dynamic content and the Word of God.

As always, I welcome guest bloggers to write, and readers to comment and leave your feedback. I truly LOVE hearing from you!

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