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Will We Ever Live in a Samantha-Filled World?

By Expectlabs @ExpectLabs

Will We Ever Live in a Samantha-Filled World?

"I don’t see Scarlett Johansson being encapsulated in computer form any time within the next 30 years. However, I do see an abundance of more mundane and practical intelligent assistants that we’ll use every day." — Tim Tuttle, Founder & CEO of Expect Labs

Will Her's Samantha ever become a reality? Our CEO and other artificial intelligence experts weighed in on the virtual assistant debate in a recent New York Magazine piece. Author Kevin Roose asked the group to ponder how close we are to realizing anthropomorphic assistants like Samantha from Spike Jonze’s latest film, Her.

According to our founder, Samantha is not a realistic portrayal of what’s feasible today, since intelligent assistants still cannot pick up on the nuances that make us human. 90% of the time we are doing exactly what other people are doing, which makes it possible for this technology to work by deciphering common patterns. However, for the 10% of the time when we’re unpredictable, quirky, and just plain human, this technology still has performance issues. Tuttle says that if we want intelligent assistants to get to that next level of human understanding, “you’d need to have a system that’s capable of storing tens of billions of different pieces of information,” something that could very well be possible within our lifetime. 

The author also tapped D. Scott Phoenix of Vicarious, who stated that he believes humanlike assistants won’t materialize for more than a decade. He argues that once scientists achieve that next stage of machine intelligence, the technology wouldn’t be used to make emotionally intelligent Samanthas, but rather “[used] to solve cancer, build fusion power, and get us to space.”

Read the entire piece right here, and tell us how close you think we are to living in a Samantha-filled world. 

(Source: New York Magazine / Image via Warner Bros. Pictures)

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