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Will Trump FIGHT While the Rest Just SUCK?

Posted on the 15 March 2016 by Adask

Leftist Threatens Trump Supporters with Violence [courtesy Google Images]

Leftist Threatens Trump Supporters with Violence
[courtesy Google Images]

thwinner-take-all on the GOP sideall

Florida and Ohio are the home states of Marco Rubio and John Kasich.  If they don’t win their home states, their 2016 campaigns and perhaps their entire political careers will be finished.

If Trump wins Florida and/or Ohio, and gains all if their delegates, his path to the 1,237 delegates required to clinch the nomination becomes much easier, Ted Cruz’s chances become less likely and every other Republican candidate’s chances becomes nearly impossible.

But today’s election is about much more than delegate numbers.  After the leftists’ attempt to disrupt last week’s Trump rally in Chicago, there’s also a big question about violence.

•  For example, according to The Washington Times, (“Moveon.Org raising funds from Trump protests, warns more disruptions to come”),

“Moveon.Org is conducting fundraising activities from the Chicago protests against Donald Trump that prompted the Republican presidential front-runner to cancel a rally there Friday, and promises that more disruptions are on the way.”

Moveon.org is a left-wing, “progressive” organization which got its start in A.D. 1998 by supporting President Bill Clinton during his impeachment hearings. On Saturday, MoveOn.org wrote to members that,

 “We need to double down on our work, showing that America is better than Trump’s bullying, hate-baiting, and incitements to violence. We are committed to nonviolence, but we will not be silent. We will not be invisible.”

“The group detailed its efforts in recent months, highlighting ads it has run against the real estate mogul and the advocacy its done on behalf of refugees [illegal aliens], who it said are ‘under attack’ from the GOP, and the support it gave to Trump protesters in Chicago.”

Apparently, Moveon.org is trying to take credit for having inspired the recent anti-Trump demonstrations in Chicago.  In doing so, MoveOn may only be trying to exploit the Chicago demonstrations in order to exaggerate its leadership role in leftist politics

Given that the influx of illegal aliens favored by the left, Obama and MoveOn will only help to bring more illegals into the country who will take jobs that would otherwise go to Blacks.  So, it’s interesting that many, perhaps most, of the Chicago anti-Trump demonstrators were black.  The left intends to bring more illegal aliens into this country. Trump intends to build a wall between Mexico and the U.S. that will stop the influx of illegal aliens and thereby help blacks get jobs.

So, who do our brilliant black demonstrators support?  The leftists who’ll push blacks deeper into poverty and dependence.

Who do our brilliant black demonstrators despise?  Trump—the only candidate who’s dedicated to stopping illegals from entering the U.S. and thereby helping blacks get jobs that might diminish their poverty.

Either the black anti-Trump demonstrators are stupid, or they’d rather have welfare checks under Hillary than jobs under Trump.

In its email, MoveOn pledged to continue its work:

“So here’s the plan: We’ll support MoveOn.org members to call out and nonviolently protest Trump’s racist, bigoted, misogynistic, xenophobic, and violent behavior—and show the world that America rejects Trump’s hate.”

Trump’s being blamed for the Chicago violence—and not only by Moveon.org.

•  The Washington Examiner published “Trump campaign enters dangerous new phase”. In that article, they wrote:

“The physical tension at Trump’s enormous rallies has been rising for weeks, as protester after protester has been escorted out, often accompanied by Trump encouraging security to “get him out of here.”

“Yelling escalated into pushing, then punching. On Friday, it boiled over. A black heckler emerged Friday afternoon from a rally with a bloody mouth, and the rest of the night was lost to violence between protesters and the thousands of supporters who came to see the GOP front-runner.

“Trump and his team quickly deflected, and blamed the mob for trying to disrupt a peaceful, scheduled rally.

“Others defended Trump’s point, including some of his rivals. Even Sen. Marco Rubio said protesters had no right to disrupt Trump’s event.

“But Rubio said Trump himself was to blame for the escalation in violence.

“Donald Trump is responsible for his own rhetoric,” Rubio said. “The tone and tenor of Donald Trump’s rally over the last few months has been disturbing to a lot of people.”

In fact, the “tone and tenor” of the last 40 years of American politics has also disturbed a lot of Americans.

The real sources of the violence attributed to Trump are the anger in the body politic caused by:

1)  The export of American industries and jobs to third world countries like China and the consequent loss of American jobs.

2) Treasonous support for the North American Union and the New World Order by our own government.

3)  Encouragement of the influx of illegal aliens by both political parties—and the consequent lowering of Americans’ wage scale and standard of living.

4) Unending growth in the size and tyranny of our government.

5) Destruction of much of the Middle Class.

6)  Encouragement of “entitlement” thinking whereby people who produce nothing are taught to believe they have a “right” to live as parasites off other people’s productivity.

7)  The growth of a national debt to a size that’s not only unpayable but sure to soon collapse our economy and perhaps destroy our nation.

8) The loss of a constitutional monetary system (gold & silver) that would’ve allowed people to safely save for their futures and retirement rather have their wealth eaten away by inflation.

9) The maintenance of a “national emergency” for over 80 years as a pretext to ignore or suspend the Constitution.

Each of these various atrocities, betrayals, violations of the Constitution and acts of treason have been perpetrated against the productive elements of the people and middle class of The United States of America.  All of these betrayals have generated an anger in much of America that has been profound but also unexpressed.

Trump didn’t make the anger.  The Republican and Democrat leaders of the past two generations made that anger by routinely betraying to general welfare of the American people to support and empower “special interests”..

For the past forty years, the American people—the good ones, the productive ones—tried to suppress the anger that their government has precipitated.

The government, the subsidized rich, and the welfare-entitled poor are blaming Trump for causing that anger.

But, Trump didn’t cause the anger.  He just named it.  He touched the anger that was here long before Trump arrived.  He treated the people who were already angry with enough respect to recognize and legitimize their anger at government’s blatant attempts to destroy The United States of America.  And now he’s being blamed for anger and resulting violence.  That anger may fuel Trump’s political campaign but that anger was not caused by Trump’s campaign.

Now, those who would destroy this nation want to blame Trump for the anger they, themselves, have caused.

Tuesday, March 15th, we’ll see if those destroyers will win or lose.  If Trump wins Ohio, the destroyers will suffer a significant defeat.  People will see that by attempting to use violence to disrupt Trump’s rallies, all the demonstrators achieved will be to motivate Trump supporters to turn out in greater numbers at the primary elections.

On the other hand, if Trump loses big in Ohio, it will signal that violence at political rallies works in American politicians.

  • Democrats have long argued that Trump is a dangerous candidate who launched his campaign by immediately calling for tougher immigration enforcement, which Democrats say raised [recognized?] racial tensions. But now Republicans are saying Trump is dangerous, and with many in the press agreeing, Trump seems to be surrounded.”

First, did Trump actually “raise” racial tensions?  Or was he merely the first candidate to recognize and talk openly about the tensions already surrounding the influx of illegal alien?

Were those “tensions” truly of a “racial” nature between whites and/or blacks and illegal aliens?  Or were those “tensions” between American patriots and the government that refuses to protect our borders and is instead determined to destroy this nation by combining it with Mexico and Canada into a North American Union of the New World Order?

Second, why is it that both Democrats, and now Republicans, agree that “Trump is dangerous”?

Obviously, not every American Republican believes Trump is dangerous.  Instead, most believe Trump is necessary.

Likewise, not every American Democratic believes Trump is dangerous.  Polls have shown that a significant number of “Democrats” will jump parties to support Trump in next November’s election.

If all Democrats don’t fear Trump and all Republicans don’t fear Trump, which ones do?

It strikes me that the poor who vote Democrat fear Trump because they fear that Trump might reduce or cancel their welfare.

It strikes me that the rich Republican “establishment” are those who live on government subsidies and therefore fear and despises Trump.  Why?  Because the Republican “establishment” is not a group of Americans motivated by patriotic ideals so much as a bunch of greedy bastards motivated to grab all the “free money” they can get from government.  They fear and despise Trump because he might reduce or revoke their subsidies and force the “establishment” to actually work for its wealth rather than bribe Congress to pass laws to legalize the exploitation of the productive members of our society.

Surely, government employees may fear and despise Trump since he shows signs of cutting the size of government and perhaps also cutting the pay for government employees.

Even military industries that profit hugely from the sales of weapons to the government, and especially from cost-overruns, may be terrified that Trump will insist on “deal” that force them into less lucrative contracts.

Thus, we have four “special interests” who have reason to fear Mr. Trump:  poor welfare recipients, rich subsidy recipients of the “establishment,” over-paid government employees, and over-paid military industries.

What’s so “special” about  those four “special interests”?  Their common denominator is that they all depend on government to give them money they haven’t really earned.  They’re parasites who fear Trump will reduce or eliminate their access to unearned government funds.

•  Q: If those four special interests are against Trump, who should be for Trump?

A:  The productive elements of our country, the Middle Class and our Children.

After all, who do the four parasitical “special interests” get their welfare, subsidies and overpayments from?

A:  From taxes currently imposed on the productive members of our society and on the Middle Class and from taxes that will be imposed on future generations who are expected to somehow pay our National Debt.

Government has no money of its own to feed its parasitical “special interests”.  It must take money from the currently productive and middle class people and from those people who are untaxable children today, but will presumably become productive when they become adults.

Government is currently destroying America’s productive people in order to support America’s parasites.   Trump might slow or even stop that destruction.  The parasites are afraid and therefore seek to prevent Trump from becoming President.

Trump threatens to diminish or end the “Nanny State” for the poor, the rich “establishment,” government employees and corporations that feed off government.  That’ll make a lot of people mad.  But, in doing so, Trump might restore the Middle Class that we all depend on to produce a high standard of living for all.  That might make a lot of people glad.

•  In broad strokes, the parasites in the Democrat Party view Trump as dangerous to their welfare regime. Likewise, the parasites in the Republican “establishment” also view Trump as dangerous to their subsidy regimes.

The subsidized rich have conspired to derail Trump’s nomination (and keep the subsidy gravy train rolling).  Their attempts to stop Trump have not only failed, but actually inspired more public support for Trump.

Now, the left-wing welfare regime has threatened violent demonstrations against Trump at Trump rallies.  The big question is whether these welfare recipients will diminish or actually increase Trump’s support at the Ohio primary.

Will violent leftists succeed in slowing Trump?  Or, will their attempts to slow Trump boomerang (just as those of the “establishment’s” subsidy recipients have) and actually help insure Trump’s victory in Ohio?

If Kasich wins Ohio by an unexpectedly large margin, will that prove that violent opposition to political candidates now works in US policy?  If so, is that a lesson we want to learn?

If recent left-wing violence fails to stop Trump, but actually helps him win Ohio, won’t that be a good thing insofar as it shows  that violence is lame?

•  Blame who you will for the violence at Trump rallies.  I argue that government treason is primarily responsible for the anger in teh body politic that Trump has tapped into.  I won’t argue that Trump is entirely innocent.

But Trump seems willing to actually fight for America.  All the other candidates seem more willing to slowly (or rapidly) surrender America.  Trump may fight.  The others will surrender/suck.  Trump’s willingness to fight may, by itself, inspire support.

But one thing seems sure:  This is undoubtedly the single most exciting, polarizing and divisive presidential election we’ve had since Richard Nixon ran against Hubert Humphrey and George McGovern in A.D. 1968.  In that tumultuous election year we saw:

 1) the assassination of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.;

2) subsequent race riots across the nation;

3)  the assassination of Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy;

4) widespread demonstrations against the Viet Nam War across university campuses;

5) uncompromising factions develop within, and shatter, the Democrat party; and,

6) violent confrontations between police and anti-war protesters at the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

Let’s hope that this year’s election at least doesn’t result in any assassinations.

But the way things are going, that hope may be in vain.

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