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Will the iPhone 6 Be the Best Gaming Device?

Posted on the 15 May 2013 by Butterchicken @vivekkrishnan

No matter where you are these days with your smartphone you are now able to do more than ever before, and Apple has no doubt changed mobile technology forever. This is because before Apple joined the smartphone market other companies had tried to make smartphones for people but these were very expensive and not powerful enough. When the first iPhone was released this all changed as it was affordable to many people through mobile phone plans while offering a lot of power to the users. But this was not the most important aspect to the iPhone, this was just how easy to use it was with a very intuitive OS so that anyone could use it straight away.

This idea of being both powerful and easy to use has not changed in the following models of the iPhone that have come out every year since and with another iPhone being rumored for this summer itʼs unlikely that it will change. Another reason why so many people like these smartphones is because of their ability to play games; you can simply download them from the Apple store and straight away have something to occupy yourself with.

With a new iPhone this will only get better as the games made will get better as they will be able to use the extra power. One type of game that will definitely be improved by a more powerful phone coming out will be the browser based game. Sites such as JackpotCity have developed mobile friendly sites that allow for phones to play games without having to download them onto their phones. With more power in the phones they will be able to cope with more complex games as well as better graphics within them. This does not mean that you shouldnʼt go and check out their current games though as they are still great fun to play.

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