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LeadsGate Review: Payday Loan Affiliate Program

Posted on the 06 May 2015 by Butterchicken @vivekkrishnan

If you are an American affiliate marketer working in the Payday loan niche then you need to spend a few minutes to understand how Leadsgate payday loan affiliate program can help your business rake in higher profits and become more successful. From my research, if I were to put a number to the growth, it would be about 30% increase in your revenues.

Leadsgate is one of the best payday loan affiliate program for a bunch of reasons, which I will be explaining further:

Auction-based lead selling: In any payday loan affiliate program I am always looking for the highest lead price that I can obtain from the market, and why not, it is a rather hard generated potential customer. In order to get the highest lead prices Leadsgate sell them through an auction process. How this auction works is that they put a lead for auction at highest possible price, and the price is lowered gradually until one of the buyers is ready to complete the deal.

LeadsGate Rebill: One thing that I really enjoy when I promote products via platforms such as Clickbank is that some products allow me to earn a commission when a customer referred by me re-bills. Personally, I think that it is very important to an affiliate marketer that he get commission for the customer he has referred on all subsequent re-billing. Leadsgate stands true to its pro-Affiliate principles and the company offers life time commissions for all subsequent applications of your clients. It translates into a lot of passive income, allowing you to compound your business growth over time.

Payouts for declined leads: If you have been in this industry long enough, you would know that the issue with declined leads is a nagging problem that one faces. It sets your profit back by at least 5-15% and is essentially an inefficiency of the business. So it is here that LeadsGate helps you optimize your revenue by providing declined leads monetization.

While a good payout policy for your leads is important, but so is the ease of working with your lead partner. As seen from above Leadsgate offers a very full-featured and balanced loan affiliate program. Additionally, they help you with some insightful data that you can leverage, offer 24/7 personalized customer service and multiple payment options. I suggest checking out their home page for the full download on their package solution for US Payday loans traffic.

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