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Will Same-day Delivery Help Retailers Increase Sales?

Posted on the 19 December 2012 by Ryderexchange

Some retailers are trying to get on the same-day delivery band-wagon, but will it pay off?

Some experts think a consumer will be willing to pay higher shipping costs if it means instant gratification, while others consider that consumers will prefer to wait a few days and pay less shipping costs or get it for free.

Amazon, Walmart and eBay are some of the retailers testing the same-day delivery concept. They are currently only testing in select markets and it is not yet clear how consumers are responding. Further, the merchandise available for these services is limited. But the shipping costs are substantially higher, so could this stop this trend from catching on? 

DSC1815a Will Same day Delivery Help Retailers Increase Sales?

Others believe there is greater value to the consumer in free shipping, even if they do have to wait a few extra days. There is a trend that shows that consumers will often buy more to take advantage of free shipping promotions.

So will same-day delivery catch on and help retailers increase their revenue? The upcoming holidays may be the best test as people scramble to get their last minute gifts.

To read more about this, check out this recent article on USA Today, “Retailers Gamble on Same-Day Delivery.”

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