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Will Managing Our Goals Online Make Us More Likely to Achieve Them?

Posted on the 23 March 2012 by Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl
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If there’s one thing about me that drives my closest friends & family nuts, it’s that I’m always talking about goals: goal setting, vision boards, getting uncomfortable, making a plan, writing your goals down, positive energy, etc. etc.

Some may wonder why I can’t just be happy with the status quo, or take one minute to stop and smell the roses.  I’ve written about the fact the engagement ring that’s on my left hand right now is EXACTLY the ring that was on my Vision board. In fact, it totally freaked me out when Thano proposed. My life today (self-employment, a yellow lab, a large Chicago network and being with an awesome guy like Thano) is a mirror reflection of the 5-year vision board I created when I was 23.  It’s almost eerie.

Cushion Cut Engagement ring with band

I’m turning 28 soon and my life has grown more complex since I was 23.  Today I’m running a small business, and have a future husband and family to think about.  Rather than just setting goals for myself, I have to set goals for my business and my future family too.  In other words, my life now requires more than the old Word document of my goal-setting past.

As the Universe would have it, my path crossed with someone who introduced me to a cool website that I MUST share!  Although the name really threw me off at first, is a digital version of what I’ve been seeking to organize my goal setting, action plan and monitoring.

So… What is a Magic Number?

Many of us strive to be wealthy (or at least comfortable) which, to me, means having the option not to work.  Lots of the women who read this blog have told me they strive to raise their kids, work part time, pursue their hobbies outside of work, etc.  Well let’s get real: unless you win the lottery this isn’t going to happen without a plan.

So, your “Magic Number” is the dollar amount you need to have in order to have the option not to work.  Now bear with me, I know some of you are thinking “ummm whatever, I’m only 25 and retirement is the last thing on my mind.”

Well… this isn’t really about retirement.

People with plans achieve far more than those without.  Those of us who are in our twenties have a HUGE advantage here.  It’s much easier and cheaper to plan for the future now than later.  In addition, it’s much less daunting because we can break our goals down to bite-sized pieces.

What can do for me?

First, you login and identify what you want your life to look like: home, family, traveling, cars, etc.  After this the site will give you your “number.” Then you use the following tools to make that vision of your life happen:

Goal Manager: allow you to break down your vision into goals and your goals into manageable tasks.

Digital Vision Boards:  Way better than a word doc and more private than a Pinterest board.  Plus, if your hard drive crashes you’re vision board will survive!

Habit Tracker: we all have bad habits but often times don’t pay attention to them or know how to change them. is brand new site but I’m really interested to see where it goes and how it will help me.  I have a feeling the functionality will get even cooler as time goes on.  For those of you who are trying to achieve a goal: weight loss, saving money, paying off debt, etc. I highly recommend you check this new tool out! Everyone can find their Magic Number for free and get a free 7-day trial. And when you do, let us know what you think in the comments section!

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