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Will Investment in High Quality Web Hosting Guarantee an Optimized Website

Posted on the 17 February 2012 by Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Web hosting is something that website owners don’t really give much of a thought too. Their concern is more with innovative ideas and creating quality content for their website so that they can get maximum number of visitors. Much attention and focus is given to optimization of the website with the latest SEO tips and tricks. Titles are made, descriptions are set and rigorous off page submission campaigns are decided. But many website owners forget the important of a reliable web hosting service and the impact it can have on the search engine optimization of their websites.

The problem starts with the variety of options available for website owners to choose from. This makes their decision very difficult and they end up choosing the hosting plan that they think is the most suitable according to their website. But little do they know about the influence of the web hosting quality on a strong SEO campaign.

Nobody likes a slow website!

There are many risks for managing your website on an unreliable web hosting server. What good is the SEO of a website, when your web page is slow like a turtle? All your hard work and hours of SEO work can go to waste in an instant when your incoming traffic bounces back because of the lackluster performance of your website. Websites can suffer occasionally from slow response times even when they’re hosted on the best servers but these issues are magnified when you choose a cheap or shared webhosting server.

Problems with a shared server package
It’s alright to have a shared hosting server if you intend to have a website that can support a balanced level of incoming traffic and is relatively of medium size in storage. But the problem with shared servers is that your neighboring websites might not be of good quality and that may end up harming your website. Your neighboring websites can turn out to be spamming based projects of some college teens, or have a pending warning penalty from major search engines like Google and Yahoo.

In such cases, all other websites that in sharing with the suspected website can receive low rankings and an overall negative image. Therefore, always make sure that when going for a shared server, your neighboring websites are clean and of high quality. Before choosing a website reseller provider for your hosting, do a comprehensive research on whether you should go for a Linux or Windows based programs.

Always better to have a dedicated server

If you plan to launch a massive website with a lot content, then obviously you would need much more storage space and bandwidth along with it. For websites that expect heavy amount of incoming traffic, it’s always recommended to choose a dedicated webhosting server. Nowadays, such packages are very reasonable in price and offer much better reliability and performance than shared servers.

With a dedicated server, your website will have a much better opportunity to appear in search engine results and you can be assured of optimized results. Other advantages include a fast response time from the server and the ability to manage high volume of traffic. So it’s quite a simple decision to go for a dedicated web hosting server for your website.

Written by Frederic, freelance  writer, web blogger and data recovery software consultant.

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