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Wildflowers Count

By Jules
There has been a lot of UK press about wildflowers recently. From Sarah Raven to the RHS, everyone who is anyone in gardening is planting or sowing wildflowers to help our pollinators in need. I've got lots of california poppy seeds sown in gravel along the alleyway at the side of my house that usually attracts a plethora of buzzing insects. Hopefully any of you who have the space will be making their own contribution, but even if you don't have any space, you could contribute to the knowledge of our current wildflower status by signing up for the Wildflower Count organised by Plantlife each year. On signing up (don't worry, it doesn't cost you anything) you'll be allocated an Ordnance Survey grid square selected for proximity to your postcode. Then, armed with their handy photo guide, you simply go for a 1km stroll across that square, identifying any of the 99 listed most common UK wild flower plants. It's pretty easy, could get you (and your kids) exploring a part of your town/village/city that you've not really seen before and the data all goes towards a better understanding of the status and spread of our native flora. Spread the word - they're looking to increase their registered surveyors in 2012.
The website for signing up is here. Go on - count a cowslip today!

Wildflowers count

(image from Wikipedia - released to the public domain by the originator)

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