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Wildflowers: 100 Day Project (Day 36)

By Mpartyka @mpartyka2
Wildflowers: 100 Day Project (Day 36)Hello Friends,
I have been wanting to write this story for at least 15 years and am thrilled with the final product. Andrew was the editor, collaborating, documenting a story I told him for years.
Ichabod is an imaginary character who visited our family in the nineties. No one remembers when Ichabod first visited us but he liked to appear during story time.  I don't remember him visiting us after we moved, which means he was an occasional visitor from ages three to nine.  
Having just one child, a gullible boy, I made up all kinds of imaginary friends to entertain him.  Ichabod the invisible flying Yak was nice but liked to tickle. The Target Monster tapped on dangling feet when we shopped (playing hide and seek).  AND just one time the McDonald's Hamburglar took a bite from Andrew's hamburger while playing in the play area post hockey practice... a silly act by a statue caused us to never eat in the kid's play again.  
This book will be added to our book collection - documenting sweet memories.
Project Wildflowers
Let's see how my 100 day project is going.
Wildflowers: 100 Day Project (Day 36)Completed:
Write a children's book
Write a Haiku
Learn to needlepoint or cross stitch
Watch a Foreign Movie
Read a Classic: This may feel like a softball but I have never read The Secret Garden (published in 1911).  I saw the book at a book store and thought I need to read this one. It's perfect for the 100 day project.   
Create a craft space: I'm having fun discovering small businesses and finding inspiration.  A few photos added to pinterest.
Learn to juggle: I had no idea how difficult this would be for me!  With no progress from my last update, I have to believe one day it will click and I will be juggling.
Create a mood board on pinterest and print it on day 100: Click here to view a work in progress 
Yet to Begin:
Do a good deed / Pay it ForwardMaking your own pastaBuild a beautiful bird houseGo rock climbingStart a collection of vintage children's booksPlan and plant a Wildflower Garden
Today's is Super Bowl Sunday.  Like many, we are hosting a small viewing party.  Preparing a football feast of skins, wings, meatball, and a few healthy options.  I hope the team your are rooting for wins! 

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