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Wild Bill – Seceding and Gelding

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Wild Bill gives a bit of a pep talk: “We will never surrender this country”

I agree, we will never surrender.  

Frankly, the secession petitions are a bit silly in my opinion.  This is a classic “Bait & Switch” con where people are tricked into thinking that by signing a petition it will give them redress to the government but at the same time ignoring that their attention and outrage should be directed to their State Governor, State Attorney General, Secretary of State, and State Board of Elections and demand that an investigation of voter fraud be made and to reserve said ratification until the investigation is complete.

Time is running out…. Tick-Tock.

The state governors have until December 17 to ratify their state’s Electoral College votes and submit them to Congress.

~ Hardnox

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