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Wickham Park Marathon 2012 Results

By Abichal @Multidays
mark henderson

Mark Henderson finishing the Wickham Park 200 mile race in 2001

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From: Matt Mahoney
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Subject: Wickham Park final results

Wickham Park marathon and 50, 100, and 200 mile fun run (results are posted on the link below).

The race consists of 4 daily stages of 50 miles, held May 27 through 30 at Wickham Park, Melbourne FL. The course is a 3.75 mile, poorly marked, sandy trail loop through the woods. There is no fee, no aid, and no T-shirts. Each stage starts at 7:30 AM with a cutoff of 8:00 PM to finish 50 miles and be eligible to run the next day. The award for the 200 mile winner, based on the total time for 4 stages, is a fake rock. The 100 mile male and female winners receive fake pebbles.
Marathon and 50 mile winners receive nothing.

Out of 74 starters in the first stage yesterday, 44 finished the marathon, with a winning time of 4:27. Of those, 10 finished 50 miles, plus 1 over the 12:30 cutoff. Of the 10 eligible runners, only Ellen Cottom of Portsmouth, England was at the start of the second stage today. She finished in a total time of 19:25:51. This is a women’s course record, as no other women have ever finished 100 miles on this course since the distance was added in 2000. Her two stages of 9:35:28 and 9:50:23 were both under the previous women’s course record. She also won the 50 mile outright, and her marathon split of 4:45 was third overall and first female.

She does not plan to run the last 2 stages, so these are the final results. Only two people have ever won the fake rock: Mark Henderson and Joe Ninke. They and Jeff Stephens are the only others to have ever finished 100 miles, out of 594 starts since the first race in 1995.

We had better than average weather. The outer bands of tropical storm Beryl brought some rain, but mostly clouds, wind, and slightly cooler, drier air pulled from the north. Temperatures were mostly in the mid 80′s F with dewpoints in the high 60′s.

Full results of the Wickham Park marathon and 50, 100, and 200 mile fun run are posted to http://mattmahoney.net/wickham/12wpmar.txt
For more about the race, see http://mattmahoney.net/wickham/
Photos: www.facebook.com

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