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Why You Should Visit Kerala?

By South India Personal Tours @topindiaholiday

An ideal introduction, God’s Own Country, Kerala is nothing less than a tropical paradise of the Southern India. Blessed with pristine beauty of Nature, rivers, beautiful beaches, languid backwaters, verdant coastlines, fascinating hill stations, the lists to glare upon in Kerala is never-ending. Explore the undeniable blend of the various spectacular features of Kerala with the Kerala Holiday Packages where the traveling is all about soaring eyes and calming down every nerve of mind body and soul.
Though the above-stated description can persuade anyone to visit the beautiful Paradise of South India with South India Holiday packages, but here are some more extensive list of the delightful reasons of why you should visit Kerala:

Justifying the ecstasy of the title “God’s Own Country”back-waters-of-kerala

From the serene backwaters to the rolling hills, fro the gushing waterfalls to boat races that are nothing less than the adrenaline pump of thrill in nerves, from the ancient culture to the historical heritage, Kerala houses the assortment of the most beautiful blends of nature. It has been even selected amongst the thirteen paradises of earth by National Geographic Traveler.

The basking and other beach delights on Kerala Beaches

If the beaches and their extensive stretch round the sea attracts you, then Kerala is a total Glee to be explored under Kerala Trip Package. Take a beach holiday rejuvenate in the shining sun on the golden sands of the beaches of Kerala. You can stretch out in the shade of the array of the Palm trees or savor the delightful Coconut Juice or can opt for an ayurvedic treatment along the sandy beaches of Kerala.

The hilly retreats of Kerala or the mountainous paradise of Southern India 


The hill stations of Kerala are the perfect spot for an ideal escapades with the Kerala vacation packages. The hilly retreats of Kerala is notable for the rotating hills of western ghats, high ranges covered in spice plantations and tea plantations, chicking off their stirring aroma, enticing species of flora and fauna and more.

Feel the natural tranquility while cruising through emerald backwaters of Kerala

Kerala backwaters are the spots where the different elements of nature namely land, sea and sky seems to be aligned in a single line and exhibiting the blended hues of nature which are nothing less than ethereal. Backwaters are the most attractive points of Kerala, enraptured during Kerala India Holiday. Cruising these placing backwaters through a houseboat, gazing the green countryside, emeral rice fields, swaying palm trees, is nothing less than the experience of the lifetime.

Blessed with the breathtaking exuberance of Nature, Kerala is amongst the most prominent destinations covered with  Southern India Tours, so don’t wait up and relish the experience of the lifetime with the tour of Kerala.

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