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Why You Should Become a Certified Medical Assistant

Posted on the 27 October 2017 by Cheekymeeky

It is no secret that there is a lack across the board of qualified medical personnel. From doctors to nurses, to medical assistants, there just aren't enough licensed or certified professionals to fill the need. If you are looking for a job with an almost guaranteed future and a better than average salary, you might want to check out the best medical assistant education you can find. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Doctors Are Already Overworked
    Although doctors can train you in many states that don't require certification, most doctors are already overworked. There is ashortage of doctors around the world and the United States is no exception to the rule. To put it bluntly, doctors simply don't have adequate time to train you, so it behooves you to find the right school so that you can be certified in the field.
  • You Can Further Your Training at Any Point in the Future
    Once you have become certified as a medical assistant, you can further your career at any point in the future. Perhaps you can also learn medical coding and the inner workings of a busy medical office. It is no great jump in logic to assume that a qualified medical assistant would make a great office manager at some point in the future. Having worked with patients and undergone a formal education, who better to manage scheduling and staff?
  • Comparative High Rate of Pay in Certificate Jobs
    Certified medical assistants actually make quite a good salary for the amount of time they study and in comparison to other certified careers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS, reports that theaverage annual salary for a medical assistant was $37,230 as of May of last year. That rate has probably risen somewhat by this point in time. The lowest average was listed at $22,930 while the upper 10 percent averaged over $62,000 a year. It is safe to assume that the higher earners were almost certainly certified.
  • A Future You Can Trust
    With such a shortage of medical personnel, it is also safe to assume that you can trust a future in the field. Not only will you make higher-than-average pay but you will also be afforded a great deal of job security. Many of the tasks you do will relieve doctors so that they can handle a bigger caseload safely and effectively. While some nurses are stepping up to the plate to further their education as nurse practitioners, that still doesn't address the severe shortage we are facing.

So then, if you are interested in a career in the medical profession but don't want to take up nursing or are not ready for 8+ years of study to become a medical doctor, you might want to enroll in a medical assistant certificate program. Who knows? Perhaps one day you will want to further your education and your base rate of salary by taking up nursing, but at the current time, this is one certificate that provides a living wage now and in the future.

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