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Why You Should Be Using the Speed Bag

By Thegatekeeper

One of the most common training equipment used by Boxers, the Speed Bag has it's uses in any sport that requires accuracy. The most difficult part of using this equipment is actually hitting it. Because of how fast it moves, you have to time your punches 100% or you won't hit the bag, this is why it is so useful. The main benefits of the Speed Bag are:


  • Improved hand-eye coordination - The bag requires precise hits in order to hit it. Over time you will develop great accuracy.
  • Increased reaction time - The bag is usually hit ever 1, 3, or 5 rebounds (how many times the bag hits the back or front of the platform). The lower the rebounds, the faster your reaction time will have to be in order to hit it.
  • Improved rhythm and timing - An even pace needs to be used for the workout to keep flowing, using both your mind and your quick reflexes.
  • Improved shoulder and arm strength - A great way to build strength (and fun too). A great benefit among the others listed.
  • Improved endurance - The Speed Bag will make it easier to throw punching combinations in a real fight over an extended period of time because it also serves as a great cardiovascular activity when used for periods longer than 3 minutes.
  • Low risk injury - One of the safest training equipment out there, I have never heard of anyone getting injured by using it.


Speed Bag

The best way to use a Speed Bag is to keep it at mouth level. Many people put it at eye level, or too low, and this leads to developing bad habits and improper punching techniques. Also, this is NOT a power exercise, keep your power out and focus on building technique. For beginners, you should start easy by allowing the bag to rebound 5 or more times, and then progress by reducing the rebound rate.


Here are a few videos you might find interesting:





If you own a gym or just want to get a Speed Bag for home training, you can make a great investment for just $49.95 by buying one here.

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