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Muay Thai Equipment

By Thegatekeeper

There are different basic and advanced gear needed for Muay Thai. Some of them are essential, while others are for people who are training on a regular basis and would like to advance their skills. When starting the sport, people should be aware of the equipment requirements, as well as how to select the right size or brand for their personal needs. Below, you will find the description of some of the most commonly used Muay Thai equipment.


1. Boxing Gloves
Thai boxing gloves usually have a thinner padding than normal, with the back of the hand getting more protection. They are made of two different parts; the outer and the padding. It is recommended that Muay Thai fighters always try the gloves against the punching bag to ensure that they do not feel any pressure, especially on the fingers.

2. Hand Wraps
These are essential for all fighters and come in three different material; cotton, mixed cotton and elastic. They are sold in different lengths; from 2.5 to 5 meters and come in different colors. They also need to be tried in order to make sure that they cover the whole hand.

3. Mouth Guard
A mouth guard is important in fights; it does not only protect the sensitive area around the lips but the teeth as well. It needs to be strong enough but allow the fighter to move and breathe without distraction.

4. Head Guard
A head guard should be solid but padded inside in order to hold up the power of the strike. It needs to be worn by amateur competitors and children aged under 16. Trainers also ask fighters to wear them during coaching.

5. Groin Protector
Although a strike to the genital area is not allowed in Muay Thai, it does happen by accident sometimes. Therefore, there is a need for groin protection. It needs to be used during contact training and on competitions as well.

Sports Wear

6. Trousers and Socks
Ankle socks should be worn in order to prevent swelling. The level of support needs to be determined individually. Trousers can be purchased from the team; they usually have the fighter’s name sewed on and some come with different patterns or pictures. They are usually made of satin and nylon.


7. Skipping Ropes
They are essential for strength building, and if not provided by the club, need to be strong, potentially made of rubber and adjustable. Strength training is a great part of Muay Thai, therefore, this will surely be needed.

8. Striking Pads
When completing contact training, not only coaches can use striking pads. When working in pairs, they are good for measuring and assessing the strength of the strike and direct the blow in the right direction. They are padded and come in different shapes.

9. Boxing Bags
Boxing bags can be purchased to use at home for training, and they cost approximately 60 dollars. The size, weight and hardness needs to be determined by the fighter and trainer together.

First Aid

10. Thai Boxing Oil
The oil is a natural warming agent that prepares the body to the fight and reduce the occurrence of pains and aches in the hands and legs.

11. Ice and Cooling Gels
Ice is needed to treat injuries and open bruises. It needs to be present at contact training and on competitions as a supplement to the first aid kit.

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