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Why Won’t My Vacuum Suction?

By Goedekershomelife @goedekers

Vacuum Suction

I'll be bold enough to say that no one enjoys vacuuming their home. I'll go one more step and say that it's downright frustrating when the vacuum doesn't suck up dirt. There's nothing more annoying than running over a dust bunny multiple times and seeing it cling to the carpet.

So what's the deal? Why won't your expensive vacuum suction as promised? There could be several reasons.

1. The Bag or Container is Full

Having a full container or bag could be the reason for lost suction power. If you have a bagless vacuum, simply check the container to make sure it's empty. Emptying the container every time you vacuum is a good habit to start for maintaining ultimate suction power. If your vacuum uses a bag, you'll need to look into it to see if it's full. You should change it if the bag is almost full and you've noticed a decrease in suction.

2. The Filter is Clogged or Dirty

When you check the bag or container, you should also check the vacuum filter, if applicable. Sometimes a filter can be clogged with dust and dirt. A quick solution to cleaning the filter is to take it outside and hit it against a tree or the concrete. Watch out because the dust will fly! If you have time, you can also wash the filter. Just make sure you let it dry completely, otherwise it could mold and deteriorate when placed back in the tight space. A clean filter will allow for better air flow, increasing suction power.

Shark NV352 Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum

3. The Height Setting is Wrong

This can be a common source of lost suction power. Most vacuums have a height setting that give options like bare floor, low carpet, medium carpet, and high carpet, or the dial will list numbers one to five. If the vacuum is set at bare floor, yet you're vacuuming a shag rug, you are not going to see the results you want. Make sure you change the setting as you change types of flooring.

4. The Vacuum Isn't Airtight or Sealed

This is a simple fix. Give your entire vacuum an in-depth overview to make sure every piece is secure and in its proper place. If air is escaping through a crack or hole, you are losing serious suction.

5. The Roller Brush is Full of Hair and Fuzz

Your vacuum roller picks up a lot of nasty stuff. To check it out, flip your vacuum over and take a look. Is there hair and carpet strings intertwined within the bristles? No worries! It's an easy fix. Grab a pair of scissors and snip through the gunk, pulling it out as you go. This will help the vacuum's suction and ability to crawl deep within the carpet fibers.

Vacuum roller

6. The Belt May Be Broken

A vacuum belt looks like this. If the belt is broken, a vacuum roller won't spin. No spinning means less pick-up. To see if the belt is broken, you can check out this great how-to guide on Instructables.com. It will tell you how to fix it too!

Vacuum Belt

A vacuum belt looks like this.

Nothing Worked

If the above tips didn't help with suction power, you might look into a repair shop. If you don't want to go through the extra hassle of a repair shop, I recommend purchasing a new vacuum. There are lots of affordable options from Eureka to Bissell. Goedeker's carries several major vacuum brands!

Why Won't My Vacuum Suction? by Liz Carroll

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