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8 Ideas for a Small Room

By Goedekershomelife @goedekers

Studies show increasing evidence that man caves are essential to men's mental and emotional health and well-being. Finding space in your home to dedicate to a man cave can be challenging, but even a small space can be transformed with a little creativity and know-how. So, here are eight great man cave ideas for a small room.

Ideas Small Room

1. Decide on a Purpose

To make the most of your man cave, begin by deciding what the primary purpose of your space will be. Is it a calming retreat to read? Is it a sports bar to enjoy watching the game? Do you want a video gaming den? The purpose of the man cave should dictate the style, layout, furnishings, and appliances you need to include, so your space is fully equipped to help you relax and unwind.

2. Paint Walls a Light Color

Although you might be tempted to show your love for your sports team with team colors, the best way to make your man cave appear larger is to paint the walls white or a light shade of gray-blue. Light colors give the space a light airy feel and offer a neutral foundation to which you can add accent colors or bold statement artwork.

3. Create a Focal Point

Before adding any other décor or furniture to the space, decide on a focal point. If your man cave is going to be a sports bar, then the focal point could be the bar or television. If your man cave is a place to read, the focal point could be the bookshelves. If your space is multipurpose, try anchoring the space with a large lounge or seating area.

Ideas Small Room

4. Let the Light In

Your space doesn't need to be cave-like to be a proper man cave. The brighter your space, the more inviting and enjoyable you will find it. Light is another way to create an area that feels spacious and airy. Try a floor lamp in the corner of the room or install recessed lighting to make the room seem taller and more minimal. Light also creates atmosphere and can be used to highlight some of the features of your man cave-like spotlighting for artwork, memorabilia, and trophy cases.

5. Use Compact Furniture and Appliances

For a fully equipped man cave, you need a good selection of furniture and appliances. Most of these items take up a lot of space, so you need to scale down the size to fit the room. A compact fridge or mini fridge can be stored under a bar, and a 40-inch TV can be just as impactful as a giant 70-inch TV in a small space.

Multipurpose furniture can also be a great way to optimize the space you have available. A large ottoman can double as seating and storage and can also be customized to transform from an ottoman to a coffee table. Display units can be used to house sports memorabilia and contain the TV and gaming console.

6. Use the Vertical Space

A thoughtful way to make the most of a small room is to think vertically. Shelving that extends to the ceiling or curtain rods that are set high and wide can make a small space seem bigger. Mounting your TV and gaming console can also help you to save floor space, which can be used for additional seating. You can also use flexible, mounted furniture such as a murphy table to use as a desk or bar to free up floor space.

7. Get Smart with Storage

Storage can be an issue for any small space, but especially for a man cave where you want to display your memorabilia and achievements without the area looking cluttered. There is a lot of wasted space that can be made useful with creative storage ideas for small spaces, and which offer the opportunity to create custom storage that reflects the style of your man cave.

Try storage behind the door or a slimline table behind the couch. Hidden space is also an excellent way to incorporate storage in your small area without making it look messy or cluttered. Try a compact refrigerator with a custom panel to blend seamlessly with your bar, or create a custom couch with hidden storage drawers underneath.

8. Create the Illusion of Space

Use mirrors to enhance the look of your space visually. A large mirror along one wall will reflect the rest of the room, giving the illusion of a larger space. Mirrors also reflect light to illuminate your man cave if you have been relegated to the basement or the area doesn't have a lot of natural light.

Ideas Small Room

Final Word

A man cave is your sanctuary for recreation and relaxation. Use some of these man cave ideas for a small room to help create the space of your dreams. To find out more about the compact appliances and storage solutions available for your man cave, call Goedeker's at 888-768-1710 to speak with a member of our experienced team and ask about our 12-month 0% interest financing, free shipping, rebates, and exclusive coupons.

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