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Why Women Don't Cheat

By Stoffbyrd
Why Women Don't CheatIf there  is one thing guys seem to constantly worry about, it's their girlfriemd cheating. Well I'm here to tell you that it's not going to happen.
Of course some women cheat, but the numbers should be much higher. Read on to find out why women aren't cheating as much you might think.
All Women Are Rock Stars
I wish I was a rock star. I could get laid all the time. Well, welcome to a woman's world. All women are rock stars.
I don't care if you were George Clooney. Your girlfriend could still go out and get laid faster and easier than you could. In fact, as well known as Clooney is, there are still more men who want to sleep with his girlfriend (she's hot) than women who want to sleep with him.
So Why Doesn't Your Girlfriend Cheat?
You don't cheat because you have NO options. (Sorry, prostitutes and rub and tug massages don't count). Your wife doesn't cheat because she knows PURITY is the most important thing to you. And even if she did cheat, you would never know about it. That's because she will be very discreet - like a CIA agent.
When the purity is gone, the fantasy is gone.
If you are a really good catch and have proven you can get other women your wife or girlfriend will NOT cheat on you. It's way too risky. She knows pure female affection is your #1 goal. So much so that you gave up sleeping with multiple women to get it. Purity, not her ass, is her best asset.
Of course if your girlfriend runs the show, she will probably cheat on you. She will figure she could survive getting caught cheating because although her purity is important to you - you are also so desperate for female companionship you would eventually take her back.
But for desirable guys with options there is usually no going back when her purity fantasy is broken. Women know this and don't cheat - even though they easily could. For women getting sex is super easy, getting a quality guy to commit and settle down is hard. Take away the purity card and it would be almost impossible.

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