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Stop Reading, Turn Off The TV and Hang Up The Phone

By Stoffbyrd
So much of the 60 Method revolves around avoiding drama. Not reacting. Staying cool. Deadpan. The reason other styles don't work as well is because you are taking what women say seriously. At least seriously enough for you to feel that you need to have a comeback for it. Instead, do nothing. Say zip.
Here is a perfect example.
No matter what a sales letter says, it's all bullshit. It was written with one purpose, and one purpose only, to persuade you to buy. The only way to avoid being duped is to not read any of it. Turn off the computer. Once you start reading, no matter what the words are, you are fucked. They will get you.
It's the same thing with news or other propaganda. Just by listening they can convince you of anything. We can easily be swayed to have one opinion or another. Hell, it only took 48 hours in Guantanamo to turn the prisoners insane by depriving them of light, sound and touch. Humans are weak.
The only way to win is to turn off the TV and immediately hang up on the telemarketers.
Too many guys are taking what women say during a seduction seriously. I never do this, I only do this, I want guys to do this, why can't you do this. Just by listening to this crap, and taking it seriously, you loose. You just can' t listen to any of it. Debating, reframing, none of it works.
Women will not respect you if you take their drama seriously. This includes tests. The only thing you can do is give her a sly smile, seductive eye contact and turn your head away slowly. When you do, this there is no such thing as a test.

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