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Why the Naughty Step Does Not Work

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Why the naughty step does not work


The naughty step is a great way to teach your child who is boss, that they should listen to what you say and respond to your requests. They can not hit, bite, head but you or draw all over your walls with crayon. They need to learn these rules and the naughty step is a valuable tool.

BUT… I hear many mums say this just does not work.

My argument is that if its not working then your not doing it right. The naughty step technique is not an easy one to master, I find it to be the most draining. You have to follow through with the warning you give and this is where most mums go wrong, they don’t.

Stop making the rules up as you go alone, devise a plan and stick to it, write down what rules you expect to be followed. Consistency is the key to making the naughty step work for you.

If you give your child a warning that they will go to the naughty step if they do that again, when they do it again you must be quick to react. Do not ignore it because your busy doing something, you have to stop what your doing and take your child to the naughty step. Even when you are away from the home you can still use the naughty step technique.

The idea of the naughty step is to remove your child from the situation, to give them time to reflect and learn and of course calm down. The naughty step doesn’t even have to be a step, it can be a mat or an area of the home, but this mat, step or area has to be used each time. Don’t allow your child to take a toy or a book with them.

When they move, go back and replace them there, yes this can mean doing it 50 times in half an hour, you do it no matter how tiring you are.

I hear many mums getting angry at their children because they wont stay on the naughty step, its your job as mom to remain calm and make them stay there,  by teaching them that no matter how much they scream your not going to react and no matter how many times they move, your only going to place them right back there, so they soon learn to stay put.

Instead of complaining that the naughty step does not work, make sure your doing it right first.

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