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Why the Fuck Haven't i Written Anything?

By M00kyst @mookyst
I owe you all an explanation. Why have I not written anything for ages? Well, quite frankly there's two reasons:
1. I have been mega (like mega) busy with a lot of things. Busy to the point where I barely get a chance to write a single word.
2. I have been getting bored of writing. I really want to get Youtube started soon so I can post gaming videos and, eventually, sketches and short films. It interests me far more than writing and I've been getting bored of blogging consistently.
I will try to get an article out soon but don't expect much. What you CAN expect though is my Youtube channel to get properly started with gaming videos within the next 2-3 months.
Until then, and until I write another piece (which will hopefully be shortly) PEACE.

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