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Why the Financial Part of MLB Needs Fixed

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
It seems to be a never-ending conversation, but the structure of baseball is seriously in need of repair.
The Yankees are the most valuable team. Their worth is estimated at $2.3 BILLION. In 2012 they had a revenue of $471 MILLION and a net operating income of $1.4 MILLION.
How do the Bucs stack up?? Well the avg worth of all teams was $744 MILLION and the Pirates slipped at #27 with a worth of $479 MILLION. The avg revenue was $227 MILLION and the Bucs came in at $178 MILLION. Operating income actually fell 9% to an average of $13.1 MILLION and the Bucs did better with a figure of $26.8 MILLION. So it seems that the Pirates do in fact have money to spend as their income was twice the league average, although their revenue is well below avg. It shows that being frugal with spending has some rewards.
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