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By Kipper @pghsportsforum
Wow is #35 good on special teams or what. Brandon Dixon superb game my friend. What is your 40 time and lets keep this guy as our gunner. NOt sure if he's starting w 1's on ST or not but I put my vote in for him. Very impressive beat his guy down field on every punt.
Guy is 27 yrs old and only 2 yrs exp in NFL (as per my training camp roster info) that must mean
he has more maturity than other possibly? Anyone else care to fill in here?
Also liked how bart houston played. Guy seems to have a pretty amount of confidence. Can't say same for joshua
dobbs sorry that guy still looks lost out there and seem to not be able to process information 'quickly' yes we know
he's smart and maybe its just having more reps but not impressed with the decision making.
caveot I wasn't old enough in 1970-1974 to watch Terry B struggle so maybe its just a learning curve
but so far not a dobbs fan too much.
James Connor has the punch and the quickness. for sure. Will be a good #2 to our #26 assuming hes back soon.
I also think we've seen end of Justin Hunter and DHB. I vote for AB, MB, ER, JUJU, and KH if I had to pick I'd go with hunter myself since he's younger. my pics at WR.
Our left guard situation needs to improve as well. And I realize #67 is backup center (BJ finney) but he needs to do a better job. On the one WR out to flat or maybe it was a reverse he didn't block anyone and just stood there
looking for a body to hit.
Kudos to LJ fort like the guys body language and quickness and nose for the ball. he's a keeper.
I tought watt seemed to get winded a bit and I'm not sure he'll fair that well against larger LT or RT once the 1's start playing more reps. both his 2 sacks in giants game due to offensive breakdowns I thought and less about Watt's ability.
Ben I would like to see you play a full half honestly against colts doubt that happens.
I think 2 yrs ago at TC Ben was running sprints a lot on opposite field. This year he didn't do any of that the 3 days I was there. Does some other member of steeler nation contend differently. Ben I hope you don't mail it in this year and keep in good shape. Keep in mind 14 yrs of playing takes its toll. for sure.
What else great punting and rose nix keep up the great work on special teams indeed.
Cockrell was beaten repeatedly and AF didn't even have their best on the field. He needs to get better in a hurry.
WOuld like to see shazier and depreee both on field vs colts and pls pls don't be dropping
balls any RB or WR you are being paid TONS of money to play this game and and you can't even catch the ball pls.
hopefully not too harsh.. At least we are not the bears whose leading WR last year (maybe due to injuries) was an undrafted player now that is sad.
Lets hope Javon Hargrave is ok as well.
and lastly shout to #80 our new TE of the future guy seems to know how to block now lets get that guy some reps with the varsity Mike? what do you say?
over and out till next game.

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