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Why Steve Jobs Rocked!

Posted on the 06 October 2011 by Thewildheart @wildheartrocks

The Wild Heart is saddened to hear about the death of perhaps the greatest CEO/businessperson (next to Walt Disney and HowardWhy Steve Jobs rocked! Hughes that is) of the greatest computer corporation to ever grace Silicon Valley: Apple. At the age of 56, legendary founder and former CEO of Apple computers, Steve Jobs, has died at the age of 56 in Palo Alto, CA.

Jobs was perhaps one of the greatest innovators in both film, music and, bar none, technology with the creation of Pixar Studios, the iPhone, iPod – take your pick which model, and the iTunes store.

Additionally, without Apple, the Wild Heart as a blog would not exist. Every chance I get, I try to write my blog on my Mac Mini or my iPhone, where I also tweet from. I am one that is a big fan of anything Apple does. I blame my father for this. For my highschool graduation gift he bought me a then-brand new iMac computer. This was back in 2005 when Mac was sorta hitting its stride. I absolutely adored that thing! I took notes in class at the college I attended. Watched YouTube videos and updated both my MySpace and Facebook accounts. Later on, when I got into my major, I learned how to record and edit sound and video on a mac. At work I have to use a non-Mac computer and I don’t like it.

One other way he revolutionized the media was by film with the formation of Pixar – a subsidiary of Apple. That studio single-handedly changed the way films were made or seen. Everything became computer-generated. I can clearly remember as a 9-year-old going to the AMC theater near my house with a friend to see this new Disney movie called Toy Story. I absolutely LOVED it! My favorite scene was where Sid gets freaked out by Woody and the rest of the toys coming alive and telling him “We toys can see EEEEVVEERRRYYYTHHHIIING so play NIIICE!”

As with every decade, how we listen to music gets better and better. in the 60-70s, we had 8track. The 80′s we had LP’s and the 90s the compact disc became hugely popular. However, in the 2000′s we had a small device to play all our music: the iPod. You got all your music from the iTunes store. I can clearly remember when I DIDN’T have an iPod. I had a discman and my 1st semester of college I lugged around that clunky thing and played Woven and Spunby Nichole Nordeman ad infinitum. However, that all

Why Steve Jobs rocked!

Steve, like his predecessors, was a "think different" type of person

changed during Christmas of that year when I got what I asked for: an iPod nano and a $50 iTunes gift card. I remember downloading stuff like Missing Persons, Joe Jackson, Lisa Loeb, etc. It was my magic jukebox with whatever I wanted. Though I still love my records, hence why the Wild Heart exists, I sometimes will try to preview an artist before actually buying their record to see if it is worth my time and money.

Steve, you were a true revolutionary! Godspeed. You won’t be forgotten.

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