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Why Sanders is the Only Hope for the Democrats.

Posted on the 13 December 2019 by Doggone
“Just as he did in Burlington, Sanders is putting his faith not in some mythical negotiating power as Trump did, or in some fantasy of coming to the table in good faith negotiations with Mitch McConnell as Biden and Obama and Buttigieg do, or even in his ability to jiujitsu the levers of government through superior bureaucratic knowledge as Warren does. He believes, just as he did in Burlington, that the only way to break the back of Congressional gridlock and inertia and neoliberal entrenchment is by putting your faith in the people. In serving as organizer in chief.”
Krystal Ball describes how he can fix things here.
But you don't need a Crystal, or Krystal, ball to see that the Democrats need new blood and real issues to run on in order to win.
Trump being bad won't win elections. Especially not if the alternative is just as bad.
Why Sanders is the only hope for the Democrats. Seriously, both parties are 60-80% the same. I would say 100% the same given how inept they are and how much they wasted time on inane bullshit the past few years.

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