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OK. I've Been Wanting to Refute Christian Zionists' Ideas of the "end Times" for a While

Posted on the 03 April 2024 by Doggone

OK, Christian Zionists try to second guess god, as do a lot of "fundamentalists". But the problem is that an English translation of the Bible is reading a REALLY bad translation since the Hebrew alphabet is an important aspect of the Old Testament.

Rabbi Avrohom Brashevitzky has a couple of videos that explain why this doesn't work.
A Joke for the Christian Zionists.
Shlomo, the village idiot, went to the rebbe to ask for a job

The rebbe says: "Shlomo, I have the perfect job for you. You can sit at the edge of the Stetl and wait for the mashiach to come. For this, I will pay you a ruble a day."
Shlomo says, "A ruble a day! That's not very much,"
To which the rebbe responds: "Yes, but think of the job security!"

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