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Why People Settle...

Posted on the 01 February 2013 by Shanlakes
Why People Settle...
#1. All your friends are in relationships, engaged, married, whipped, etc.
#2. It's comfortable, easy
#3. It's too cold to have to go to the bar every night to try to meet someone
#4. It's the one thing in your life you feel like you have control over

#5. You have low self- esteem. You were cheated on and the person you loved left you. You are staying with this person because you know they would NEVER hurt you.  #6. You haven't met anyone better....yet.  #7. Your family really likes the person, your mother has finally stopped nagging you! #8. With the pressure of work, and life in general, it is very comforting to know that someone will always have your back no matter what. #9. You're content #10. You don't like change. It is very hard to meet someone new and like everything about them right away, especially while comparing their every move to an ex. It is something very natural and instinctive to do, however, it is what sub-concioussly puts up walls and barriers to every new person that enters our lives. 
Disclaimer: Don't start over analyzing everything in your happy relationship because the things above apply to you. You have to be settling in the first place for any of those to apply. For those of you who are happy, the list above can be seen as positive things of being in a relationship. There is a fine line between no longer being on cloud nine because the honeymoon phase is long over, and feeling like something huge is missing in your relationship. Life is too short, so take each day at a time and wake up doing exactly what it is you want to be doing. (Or who you want to be doing) You don't need to lose someone to find out the grass isn't always greener on the other side. 

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