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Why No Body Armor?

Posted on the 04 April 2011 by Mikeb302000
Why No Body Armor?

The Truth About Guns is one of my favorite sites. It suddenly occurred to me that although Robert preaches such extreme practices as carrying a gun at all times, even home carry, and just today, electronic situational awareness, he doesn't seem to push for the use of body armor.
Why, I wondered.
Well, here's my theory.  Guys like Robert, and many of his approximately 6,000 daily readers, are living in a fantasy world. In that world there's no room for the passive protection offered by a bullet-proof vest.  Getting shot is not part of the deal. Their focus is on the more aggressive and active components of self-defense. They picture themselves pro-actively taking action.  It's all about the guns, the bang, the power, the ability to be fearless.
On The Truth About Guns, I've seen every type of gun imaginable. I've read more about ammunition than I really need to know.  But, unless I missed it, there's scarcely a mention of body armor.
What's your opinion?  Is there a better explanation?  I'd love to hear it.
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