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Why Nerds Are Unpopular - Paul Graham

By Suziblu @busybeeSI
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Our political revolutions will not succeed unless they are accompanied by revolutions of thought social, sexual, and cultural revolutions that topple the Mubaraks in our minds as well as our bedrooms.

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The world is in desperate need of change, and like all great movements, it requires a leader this is the destiny of the Jews! They are 8775 the chosen people, 8776 not because of their greatness, but because it 8767 s necessary to have a starting point for the correction of the world. There is no place for pride, here there is no advantage to being a Jew.

Why Do They Hate Us? | Foreign Policy

Now we get to Israel. It is obviously one of the central and most charged problems in the region. But it is a problem to which we cannot offer the Arab world support for its solution--the extinction of the state. We cannot in any way weaken our commitment to the existence and health of Israel. Similarly, we cannot abandon our policy of containing Saddam Hussein. He is building weapons of mass destruction.

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Part of the reason people hate Jews is because they try to insult the 8775 goyims 8776 intelligence by playing the victim. Pretty much exactly what the author of this article is doing by acting innocent and "Playing Dumb" as to how anyone could have possibly come to hate someone as 8775 harmless and innocent 8776 as the Jew.

there 8767 s no way man could master another man. i dont agree if jews is the only chosen people all races were chosen to play their role as equal beeing in this world i repeat 8775 equal 8776 . are all jews prophet so they could claim they been the only races choosen by God..what a big joke ?? or this article wants to say that we human are superior to working together to defeat God power ?? we all will see God when we died God is real..

The message of unity is important. Not that we become one [diversity makes us stronger], but that we love each other as one. At Jewish Girls Unite, we love and embrace ALL Jewish girls everywhere for all time. A global online movement helping our Jewish daughters become Jewish mothers.

Having said that, there is a tendency for non-Jews, who share the criticism by Jews of the Israel Government, to be branded as anti-Semitic. In my opinion, this is wrong. Where, however, critics (including Jews) cloak their views as being anti-Zionistic rather than anti-Israel, there is a strong possibility that they are really being anti-Semitic they are simply substituting Zionist for Jew this is what has been happening recently.

I my self decend from Jewish religion my family were, now of protestant religion, I 8767 ve no hatred for any religion, it 8767 s of choice, all I see is more established and older it 8767 s jealousy of being the first to have rules set by God, no matter who 8767 s or what God just the fact that jewdisim is the leaders of rules to which other religions set rules by. Different but rules.

The problem with the accusers of failed empires is this: Their empires fail because instead of collectively repenting to G 8767 d for their apathy, greed, lust, selfishness &amp apostasy..they blame the Jews.

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Why Nerds are Unpopular - Paul Graham

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