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Why Mobile is Crucial to Your Local Marketing Strategy

Posted on the 27 September 2011 by Onqmarketing @onqmarketing

Article first published as Why Mobile Should Be the Cornerstone of Your Local Area Marketing on Technorati. Do you have a mobile phone? Of course you do, there are 4.6 billion people across the planet with one. But did you know that only 4.2 billion people own a toothbrush? The difference says something about where we’re at and where you should be going with your local marketing strategy. Big business is not ignoring mobile marketing but one could certainly make a case that small business is. This is a mistake. Think about it, when you’re in the shopping centre, when you’re having a coffee on the mainstreet, small business can not rely on print advertising, radio or television advertising. Exposure to these advertising vehicles happened before you left home and in an attention economy, that is a long time. The mobile is beside us just about all the time and this includes when we’re out having a coffee and importantly when we’re shopping. We’re using mobile phones to play games, read news and check emails just to pass time. We’re addicted.  So how should a small business be using mobile for local area marketing? Here’s a summary of a few opportunities and how they might fit in with your marketing strategy. SMS  Stats coming out of the 2011 Mobile Marketing Association Forum noted that 96% of all SMS messages are read and of these 90% are read within 3 minutes. What a powerful medium, considering email open rates are significantly lower. As a small business, you should be collecting customer’s phone numbers to send special offers and invitations to special events. Use SMS to remind customers of their appointments and let them know when a product delivery has come in. The only thing we should all remember is, our phones are personal so at no stage should you send unsolicited messages. QR CODES QR Codes have been threatening to change the way we seek information for a couple of years, however the adoption is much slower than expected. However, for the effort required it can be a great way for business to distribute information. Use a QR Code in print advertising, which can send a user to your website, social media profile or alternatively process a purchase. Have QR Codes instore allowing people to find reviews of the product. If you’re in a retail store that gets foot-traffic, have a couple in your front window, so that the traditional window shopper can still make a transaction. MOBILE ADVERTISING With all the flexibility of Google Adwords, advertising on a mobile advertising platform is a really affordable option. The chances are the advertising will get to someone when they’re, well mobile, and this will have greater effect. Mobile advertising can be part of an overall strategy looking to drive people to your website, attract more Facebook ‘likes’ or alternatively you may just be looking to advertise a promotion. Either way, use the platform and target by age, location, mobile phone handset and operating system...

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